Ways To Give

Team Member Donors

To Team Members Employed in a Massage Heights Retreat:

Believe me when I say "No gift is too large or small."  We encourage a long-term approach to giving through the establishment of a regular donation plan made easy by setting up payroll deductions. This builds the Massage Heights Family Fund's emergency nest egg, increasing fund availability that will provide emergency financial assistance to the Grant recipient in the event of a sudden unexpected emergency that threatens his or her life, health, safety of welfare, or that of a family member living under the same roof, as a result of unplanned short-term circumstances that they could not have anticipated.

A planned gift is a simple way to include a commitment to the Massage Heights Family Fund community, which includes Professional Massage Therapists, Estheticians, and other supporting staff members in Massage Heights Retreats located throughout the U.S.A.

Massage Heights Family Fund expects to be funded primarily by Massage Heights Team Members, caring for each other's welfare, by giving $1.00 or more per pay period for the benefit of Massage Heights Retreat Team Member grant recipients only. The Fund does not ever benefit your employers, Massage Heights Retreat Strategic-partners (owners), Massage Heights Franchising, LLC (corporate office) officers, owners or corporate employees, never benefits Massage Heights Area or Regional Developers, nor the employees of Massage Heights subsidiaries or affiliates, such as Summit Massage Supply. This fund is designed especially to benefit only YOU, the Team Members employed by Massage Heights Retreats in the USA.

Please contact your Strategic-partner or Retreat Director or Family Fund Ambassador located in your Retreat or territory to sign a Payroll Deduction Authorization Form.  You may stop your donation at any time.  Become part of the heart of Massage Heights today!  You never know if you may need to be a grant recipient yourself in the future.  Please help today.

We have received 501(c) (3) status as a public non-profit charitable organization under the I.R.S. Please consult with your tax professional if you have any questions.

To make your charitable donation, please sign up for (1) payroll deductions at your Retreat, (2) or you may donate on this website by pressing the PayPal button, (3) or you may send a check to:

Massage Heights Family Fund, Inc.

Attn: Donation - Caring Hearts for Caring Hands Project

13750 US Hwy 281 North, Suite 230

San Antonio, TX 78232

and........Thank You!