I Need Assistance

If you are a Team Member currently employed at a Massage Heights Retreat in the U.S.A., please request your Strategic-partner’s or Retreat Director’s assistance to apply for a grant. You will need to supply the information below in order to process the request for a grant. You do not have to repay this money. Please consult your tax professional regarding any possible taxes you may incur on the amount you are granted. Your signature is your approval to request assistance. Your signature, if you are available, should be requested by your employer or Retreat Director on the actual form. The form below is a SAMPLE only and can be processed for you ONLY by your Strategic-partner or Retreat Director who will forward to the Massage Heights Family Fund's Grant Review Committee. 

Note: if something happens and you are unable to apply for a grant, your family member(s) may apply for assistance from The Family Fund on your behalf.