Ways To Give


Whether you are employed by a Massage Heights Retreat or you are a member or guest of a Retreat, we welcome your willingness, time, and enthusiasm to volunteer to raise funds for this amazing benefit to Team Members in your community!

We have events in many states at Massage Heights Retreats and in the community around the Retreats such as Chair Massage Fundraisers, Wine Pulls, Silent Auctions, raffles for products or equipment, and pure straight out fundraising events at Awards Ceremonies and Conventions held throughout the year.

You will be rewarded with a great feeling of satisfaction knowing you have contributed to the Massage Heights Family Fund and its deserving grant recipients. These grants are not given away except for serious situations, such as housefires, floods, tornadoes and other total and utter destruction, financial assistance with treatments of serious diseases, co-payments for surgeries and chemotherapy, serious conditions, diseases and injuries, and sometimes even assistance needed in response to a death in our Massage Heights Retreat community.  Your loving heart and hands would be welcome to help those who share their talents and care for others every day in your community.

If you are good at planning fundraisers and have a great idea to submit, please submit for approval by the Board of Directors at Massage Heights Family Fund.  You can always raise money by making snacks available for sale in your Team Retreat if allowed by your Strategic-partner, or by conducting a chair massage event in your Retreat by donating your time to boost The Family Fund.  We would love for you to become an Family Fund Ambassador to get your local Team signed up to GIVE!  Please always request permission from the local franchise owner and coordinate with them and with The Family Fund before planning an event; there are legalities that have to be regarded, of course.  We have important legal information to share with you.  Contact Volunteer@MassageHeightsFamilyFund.org.