Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the Massage Heights Family Fund?

A: The Massage Heights Family Fund is a public, nonprofit organization, which has received 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.  It was created to provide short-term crisis relief assistance to current Team Members current employed by a Massage Heights Retreat in the USA, and can include a member of their family living under the same roof.  Assistance will be provided for applicants facing sudden, unexpected, unplanned situations that threaten their life, health, safety or welfare after other avenues for assistance have been exhausted or for which time does not permit. Financial assistance is based upon the application process which requires the demonstration and confirmation of need. Additionally, assistance may also be provided to national or international organizations to support relief efforts in communities served by Massage Heights.

Q2: Why does the Family Fund help communities?

A: Including the communities served by Massage Heights, The Family Fund supports our representation that the financial grants benefit the public at large, and requirements to be exempt from federal taxes as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions made to 501(c)(3) organizations generally qualify as charitable contributions for income and estate and gift tax purposes.  The fund helps remove the burden from communities when qualifying citizens are in immediate need of relief of financial stress as a result of a disaster, assault, illness,danger, accident, death or other qualifying emergency.

Q3: How does the Family Fund define "family"?

A: For the purposes of The Family Fund, the term “family” means and includes any immediate family member or dependent household members. Immediate family includes spouse, dependent/non-dependent children, parents (maximum two) or siblings/step-siblings. Dependent household members include anyone claimed on a federal tax return by the Massage Heights Retreat employee applying for financial relief.

Q4: How does the Family Fund define "spouse"?

A: For the purposes of The Family Fund, the term “spouse” includes husbands, wives and/or domestic partners who are either registered with Massage Heights franchisees’ payroll department or the state or are otherwise recognized under state law as the equivalent thereof, as well as common-law spouses recognized under state law.

Q5: Are donations to the Family Fund tax-deductible?

A: The Massage Heights Family Fund, Incorporated has received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS and is a public charitable organization. To the extent allowed by law, contributions will be tax deductible for Massage Heights employees on domestic payroll. Donations from employees not on U.S. domestic payroll are governed by their local tax authorities. All contributors are reminded that the extent to which any charitable donation is tax deductible is determined by personal circumstances and governed by the IRS in the U.S.A., and by other regulatory bodies unique to each specific region outside the U.S.A. Specific tax questions should always be directed to a tax advisor for final determination.  

Q6: Who is eligible to receive assistance?

A:  Massage Heights Team Members currently employed at a Massage Heights Retreat (not the home office or any subsidiary or affiliate of Massage Heights Franchising, LLC) and may include their families (see definition) are eligible to receive assistance. Additionally, from time to time and based upon committee recommendation and board approval, grants may be made to national or international organizations to support relief efforts in communities served by Massage Heights. Community assistance is also based upon need as a result of some sudden and unexpected catastrophic event (see details).  Employees of the Franchisor are not eligible to receive relief, but are encouraged to donate to show support of this Fund.  Franchisees (Strategic-partners) are not eligible to receive relief, but may and are encouraged to donate.  Only employees working in a U.S. Massage Heights Retreat are eligible for assistance and are also encouraged to donate to support their Fund.  There is no requirement to be a full-time Retreat employee to receive relief.  The recipient of a grant is not required to be a donor to The Family Fund.

Q7: What is the criteria for granting assistance? 

A: All assistance, whether individual, family or community, is based upon need as a result of some sudden, unexpected, unplanned catastrophic event that threatens the life, safety, health or welfare of the requesting qualifying recipient. Criteria for approving requests for assistance may change from time to time and without notice. Approval of an application will be based upon the criteria in force at the time the application is reviewed by the Grant Committee.

Q8: What is the maximum grant amount?

A: Assistance is available one-time in a calendar year per household (maxiumum $1,000) but shall not exceed more than two times in a five-year period, nor more than $2,000 per household at this time. Household is defined as a domestic establishment including members of a family and others who live under the same roof.  Maximum grant amount is subject to change as The Family Fund's financial status changes.

Q9: Who can make a financial contribution to the Family Fund? 

A: Any individual, company or foundation may make financial contributions to the Massage Heights Family Fund.  We encourage payroll deductions by Massage Heights Retreat employees, and hope for checks or PalPal gifts from the public at large, or any vendor, Strategic-partner (franchisee) or Area Representative in show of their support for The Family Fund.

Q10: How can employees of Massage Heights Retreats, Strategic-partners (franchisees), vendors, clients or friends or the Family Fund make financial contributions to this fund?

A1: Active Massage Heights franchisees’ employees may contribute financial donations to the Family Fund by setting up a recurring payroll deduction or may donate by other means with their employer (see your Retreat Director). Contact for more information.  Franchisees, Area Representatives, vendors, or any other persons or companies may send a check made payable to Massage Heights Family Fund, Incorporated to 13750 US Hwy 281 North, Suite 230, San Antonio, Texas, Attn: Donation.  Anyone may donate on this website or through a link in the Weekly Newsletter distributed by Massage Heights Franchising through simply pressing the  PayPal button.  At special fundraisers, donations may be collected by an approved method and/or collected and forwarded in the form of a check to the same address.  

A2: Anyone that is not employed by Massage Heights must donate using checks or through PayPal on this website.  There is no charge to the donor to donate through PayPal. The Family Fund pays all processing fees to PayPal automatically.  

A3: Anyone may also set up bill pay through their banking institution and make one-time or recurring donations by direct deposit from their operating account to the fund's checking account.  Here is the information you need:

Company Name:  Massage Heights Family Fund, Incorporated

Routing Number:  111000753 (Comerica Bank)

Account Number:  188 163 3505

Q11: How can an individual request assistance from the Family Fund?

A: Please contact the Massage Heights Retreat's Strategic-partner (franchisee) or Retreat Director. A Grant Recommendation Form is available through Massage Heights' intranet (SharePoint > Document Libraries > Massage Heights Family Fund).  The form must be filled out by the Strategic-partner or Retreat Director and also signed by the applicant.  All applications must be completed, signed and returned with all supporting documentation attached to email at or by fax at (210) 402-3228, or by U.S. regular mail, UPS or FedEx addressed to: 

Massage Heights Family Fund, Incorporated

 Attn: Grant Review Committee 

13750 US Hwy 281 North, Suite 230 

San Antonio, Texas 78232

Q12: What is the confidentiality policy of Massage Heights Family Fund?

A: The Family Fund takes reasonable measures to safeguard the personal and confidential information supplied by its contributors and applicants. However, applications for assistance may require verification of personal statements, and the review process may include discussions with supervisors, co-workers, friends, neighbors, businesses, mortgage holders, landlords and others.

Q13: What is the Massage Heights Family Fund’s federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

A: The Family Fund EIN is 46-4255620.

Q14: How can additional information not in this FAQ be obtained?

A: Email to:

Q15: If an employee wants to donate to the Family Fund, for what length of time will an employee’s payroll deduction to the Family Fund remain in effect?

A:  Employees self manage their charitable deductions. These payroll deduction pledges remain in effect until cancelled in writing or changed by the employee via communication with their Massage Heights Strategic-partner or Retreat Director, or payroll company. If for any reason the deduction cannot be withheld from a Team Member's payroll, it will be discontinued until the Team Member requests to continue/resume their donations in writing.

Q16: How much of my donation will go toward the mission, and how much is used for administration and promotional expenses?

A: The Family Fund is committed to sound management and stewardship of all contributions and utilizes volunteer and donated resources whenever possible to accomplish its mission. Approximately 98% or more of a donor’s contribution is applied to the mission. Administration expenses are made available through the generosity of Massage Heights Franchising, LLC, and the volunteer efforts of the principals of Massage Heights Franchising, LLC, Massage Heights corporate staff members, as well as voluntary efforts of Massage Heights franchisees (owners and operators), Massage Heights Retreat employees, Massage Heights Family Fund, Incorporated's officers, the members of the Board of Directors, your friends and family members and other volunteers and personnel, as well as from non-profit organizations and future grants. Promotional materials are either donated by Massage Heights Franchising, LLC, Precision Services Group or Branchise, LLC, or, if purchased by The Family Fund, do not exceed one-half of one percent of annual funding.  Every effort is made to use all donations to achieve the goal of relieving those suffering a hardship.

Q17: Who are the current advisory committee members?

A: The Advisory Committee members are comprised of a group of internal and external individuals who are philanthropically inclined and support charitable efforts and organizations such as the Family Fund and have the best interest, health, safety and welfare of the Massage Heights Retreat’s employees at heart.