Donor Levels


Donors honored for giving in the year of the Massage Heights Family Fund's establishment

Massage Heights Corporate, LLC

Jim Branch, Precision Services Group

Cecilia Davenport, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC

David Humphrey, Chairman, Board of Directors, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC

Patricia L. Zweig-Franson, Personal Gift from Friends and Family in honor of Glenn M. Franson, Sr.

Glenn M. Franson, Jr., Co-Founder and Founding 1st Vice President, Family Fund

Patricia L. Zweig-Franson, Organizer and Founding President & Chairperson, Family Fund

Shane L. Evans, Founding 2nd Vice President and Executive Committee Chairperson, Family Fund

Shane and Wayne Evans, Personal Gift in Honor of Undercover Boss Recipients

Shanna Barnes, Gift in Kind, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC


Donors honored for giving gifts of funding or gift in kind valued at $2,500 or more

Jim and Cindy Branch, Branchise, LLC in association with Precision Services Group

Roy Terracina and The Terracina Family Charitable Fund

Jennifer Burlington, Multi Unit Strategic-partner


Donors honored for giving gifts of funding or gifts in kind valued at $1,000 to $2,499

Corporate Staff Members, Recurring Donations, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC

Wayne and Shane Evans, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC & The Elevated Brands, LLC

Tom Gustoff, Quietus, LLC, Atlanta Developer and Multi Unit Strategic-partner

Michelle Cruickshank, Nashville Convention 2017

Sharlene Smith, Strategic-partner


Donors honored for giving gifts of funding or gifts in kind valued at $500 to $999


Donors honored for giving funds or gifts in kind valued at $250 to $499

Cynthia Lee, Massage Heights Real Estate, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC

Tim D. Hicks, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC


Donors honored for giving funds on a monthly basis or gifts in kind valued at $5 to $249

E. Nielsen, Nashville Convention 2017

Will Carter, Massage Heights Canada, Nashville Convention 2017

Nikia Hughley, Nashville Convention 2017

Clarissa Schultz, Summit Franchising Supply

Deanna Serio, Strategic-partner

Russell Hoff, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC

Jennifer Gaskill, Nashville Convention 2017

Matthew Goebel, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC

Tom Fisher, Strategic-partner

Sarah Schavrien, Nashville Convention 2017

Amy Dollison, Strategic-partner

Haley Long, Nashville Convention 2017

Diane Dollison, Nashville Convention 2017

Steve Wilson, Strategic-partner

Heather Lee, Nashville Convention 2017

Lindsey Radkoski, Nashville Convention 2017

Viral Patel, Tent Raffle 2016

Doug Dollison, Tent Raffle 2016

Priscilla Brickey, Tent Raffle 2016

Nathan Brickey, Tent Raffle 2016

Melissa Searls, Tent Raffle 2016

Charles Schaefer, Tent Raffle 2016

James Radebaugh, Tent Raffle 2016

Cecilia Davenport, Tent Raffle 2016

Tom Gustoff, Tent Raffle 2016

Travis Ochoa and David Grossman, Tent Raffle 2016

Steve Wilson, Tent Raffle 2016

Alisha Gray, Strategic-partner

Glenn Snowden, Summit Franchising Supply, LLC

Peggy Bishop, Program Insurance Group & Dady Insurance

Daniel Jaramillo, Massage Heights San Antonio Advertising Cooperative

Glenn M. Franson, Jr., The Elevated Brands, LLC

G. Bret Franson, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC

Angela Linden, Strategic-partner

Trisha McFadden, Strategic-partner

Melissa Searls, Strategic-partner

James D. Branch, Branchise, LLC

Ashley Schuetz, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC


Our volunteers who are donors of precious time and energy who assist with fundraising and serving on Boards or Committees

and those who donate special gifts for special fundraising events

Katherine East, Secretary

Rachael Anderson, Treasurer

Dean Reese, Consultant, Finance

Shane Evans, Officer

Glenn M. Franson, Jr., Officer

Patricia L. Zweig-Franson, Officer

Alexandra Charpentier, Executive Committee, Marketing

Cecilia Davenport, Executive Committee, Finance

Alice O'Donnell, Executive Committee, Marketing


Massage Heights Team Members who contribute consistently through regular payroll deductions

Strategic-partners and Team Members of Retreats owned or employed by:

MH Brookhaven

MH Buckhead

MH Ingersoll

MH Strongsville

MH Spring

MH Panther Creek

MH Sandy Springs

MH Clive 

Alan Reimann, Personal Recurring Gift

Bobby Cobb, Personal Recurring Gift

Tom Gustoff, Personal Recurring Gift