Team Member Information

Introduction to the Fund

The Massage Heights Family Fund plans to approve and issue thousands of dollars per month in grant assistance as the Family Fund grows. The amounts given out for a catastrophic event will increase or decrease with the number of Massage Heights Retreat Team Members and Strategic-partners and vendors who contribute to The Family Fund designed to benefit YOU, our Massage Heights Team Members ONLY! We are confident that most of our Strategic-partners will “match” the donation your co-workers make as Massage Heights Retreat employees on a bi-weekly basis. The more you donate to the Family Fund, the more our Strategic-partners will donate in matching funds, which translates into more Retreat Team Members being assisted when needed. Grants can be issued up to $1,000 with proper documentation when the Family Fund is fully funded.  This grant limit is expected to increase in the future.  The plan is to do more for Team Members through larger more frequent grants which will have a more pronounced impact on their financial situation during a crisis. The Massage Heights Family Fund expects and plans to issue funds approximately twice a month this year! This frequency depends on how often assistance is requested and approved and the dollar amounts requested, as well as how successful we are in raising funds in the future.

When does a Team Member benefit from the Fund?

If a Massage Heights Retreat’s Team Member’s (employee) life, health, safety or welfare is in jeopardy, the assets of the Fund are used to financially assist with reduction of the financial stress involved in that qualifying situation. The Fund may be used to assist the Team Member or a person who is their immediate family member, such as a child or elderly parent living with the Massage Heights Team Member.

How does the Team Member request assistance?

The Team Member needing assistance may request the Strategic-partner (franchise owner) or Retreat Director at their Massage Heights location to fill out a Grant Recommendation Form. This form can be found on internal systems through SharePoint > Document Libraries > Massage Heights Family Fund or by clicking Grant Recommendation Form Instructions

How does a Team Member donate?

The Massage Heights Family Fund accepts private donations from Team Members via payroll deductions through the Retreat or through donations made online through PayPal. The suggested donation is $1.00 (or more) per pay period.  The Retreat Team Members should ask their Retreat Director about payroll deductions or may even donate cash to be forwarded as a group donation by their Retreat by check payable to Massage Heights Family Fund, Incorporated, 13750 U.S. Hwy 281 North, Suite 230, San Antonio, Texas 78232.  A Team Members may also donate by giving of their time during a fundraiser in their Massage Heights community. 

Where does the Team Member go to get information?

The Team Member should be made aware of the Fund’s existence and availability by the Retreat Team Member onboarding them during hiring, or during team meetings.  Hopefully they will sign a Payroll Deduction Authorization Form when they first become employed with Massage Heights.  Current Massage Heights Team Members should be educated to the benefits of the Fund and encouraged to give also, if the Fund was not in existence when they first became employed at Massage Heights. Awareness of the Fund is accomplished by Employee Orientation by a Family Fund Ambassador, Retreat Director, Strategic-partner, and through this website.  Please ask about availability of printed brochures in your Massage Heights Retreat.  All Retreats have received a poster and other printed recruiting collateral to support awareness.  Thanks for considering donation $1.00 (or more) per pay period!