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The Caring Hearts for Caring Hands Program

You may have seen her in the Fall of 2013….the “new girl” at several of the Massage Heights Retreats…..but if you met her while viewing Undercover Boss, the television series that featured Massage Heights’ Shane Evans, President and Chief Operating Officer, then you know part of our story. Here is the rest of our story.....

How, why and when did the Fund begin?

Most of the time our lives are on somewhat of an even keel, fairly level and reasonably navigable. Other times there are wonderful heights which we have the pleasure of experiencing. And of course, as humans, we all have valleys we walk through, physically, emotionally, financially. As a result of Ms. Evans’ experience in the field while “undercover,” on the television series in September 2013, she recognized a distinct need among the Team Members of the Massage Heights Retreats throughout the United States, the human need to have a support network when there is a crisis, the need to feel valued, the need to feel you’re not alone, and the need to feel supported and heard, to know you can reach out for assistance during those valleys we all experience, and to know you can ask for a little extra help to get through the situation.

Glenn Franson, Massage Heights' CEO, had sparked the idea of a charitable foundation earlier that year for the purpose of supporting Massage Therapists, Skin Therapists and the Support Team Members in the Massage Heights Retreats during a family personal crisis. Now, together, Glenn Franson and Shane Evans were unstoppable as they came together and announced at the October 2013 Massage Heights International Convention in Austin, Texas the spark that would ignite the founding of the Massage Heights Family Fund. That announcement was that The Family Fund would be formed in the coming year, and as quickly as possible, despite the wait incurred by a federal government shutdown. They were determined. They had just given large personal gifts of money to several individuals employed in the Massage Heights Retreats who were featured on Undercover Boss, but the episode had not aired yet. How could they continue this idea but find a way to fund such gifts continuously?

In the Fall of 2013, Mr. Glenn Franson, Jr. co-founded the Massage Heights Family Fund, along with his mother, Mrs. Patricia Zweig-Franson, who serves as the President and Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors, along with other all voluntary Board members. The Board Members are all Founding Year Volunteers and take their responsibilities seriously and perform happily and with determination, knowing The Family Fund will grow and benefit thousands of Team Members over the years, as needed, during a time of personal crisis. They truly want to make a difference and touch lives, not just the lives of their Guests and Members, but the lives of those taking care of those Massage Heights Guests and Members...the people who are employed in the 140+ Retreats across the U.S. and Canada.

The Massage Heights Family Fund was instituted with the plan to immediately grow The Family Fund through donations while benefitting ONLY the Team Members of the Massage Heights Retreats located in the U.S.A. Therefore several months after founding, the Fund’s first donations were not solicited, but came through the memorial donations honoring the memory of Glenn M. Franson, Sr., after a 22 year struggle with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Mr. Franson was Glenn and Shane’s father, and husband of almost 46 years of marriage to their mother, Patricia Zweig-Franson, the Founding President and Chairman of the Fund. Mr. Franson passed away on February 3, 2014, therefore the very first funds were donated as a result of Mrs. Zweig-Franson’s request to honor her husband’s memory, and as a reminder of how we all struggle.

Massage Heights Family Fund, Incorporated has applied for and received public non-profit status under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) and is registered with the Office of the Texas Secretary of State as Massage Heights Family Fund, Incorporated, as of January 16, 2014.  Its first donations were received in February, 2014.

Who are the most important donors?

Well, everyone is important as there is no gift too small. The Foundation Members are the most important constant donors as they are the Team Members (employees) of the Massage Heights Retreats. They may give as little as $1.00 per pay period. Together as a group, the Team Members can donate literally thousands of dollars per month if everyone becomes involved in being a donor! 

Remember, these donors are donating to a fund where all of the money is set aside to benefit only Massage Heights Retreat Team Members and no one else! Team Members are not ever required to donate to the Fund; however, the goal of everyone involved is to have 100% participation in order to best serve the Massage Heights Retreat Team Member family. After all, the Fund is FOR the Massage Therapists, Skin Therapists and Support Team Members of all the U.S. Retreats!!! This is a powerful plan to make sure Massage Heights Retreat Team Members have a “soft place to fall” when they are confronted with an unplanned, unexpected event that threatens the life, health, safety or welfare of a Team Member or an immediate family member within their household.

Who are the donors?

Massage Heights Franchising, LLC, is a family-owned business, owned and operated in San Antonio, Texas. Massage Heights has over 135 units called Retreats in the U.S.A. and almost a dozen units in Canada. Massage Heights refers to their franchisees as Strategic-partners and the employees working within those beautiful Retreats as Team Members who are also referred to as “family members.”

The Board of Directors of the Fund are all unpaid volunteers and are assisted by volunteer Executive Committee Members who also give of their time and creativity to support the Fund. 

If you are a Team Member employed in a Massage Heights Retreat and would like to organize a fundraising event, please click the link below.


Who may benefit from the Fund?

Massage Heights Family Fund Board Members, Massage Heights Franchising, LLC’s owners, officers and directors and its subsidiaries and affiliates’ employees and the Vendors who supply products and services do not and will not ever benefit from The Family Fund. 

Only the Team Members employed in a U.S. Massage Heights Retreat may benefit from the Fund. A Team Member at a Massage Heights Retreat can not be required to donate; but every Team Member may benefit if granted the requested assistance due to a qualifying event, whether they donated to The Family Fund or not.

And there are even MORE donors…..

Massage Heights also expects the Strategic-partners (franchisees) to assist with building up the fund by educating their Team Members about the benefits they may receive from The Family Fund within their Massage Heights Retreats, and by encouraging 100% of their Team Members to donate. 

It is the goal of The Family Fund to see that the Strategic-partners (franchisees) match (or give more than) the donations the Retreat Team Members or “family members” raise. Therefore, if a Retreat has 20 Team Members and they each give $1.00 per month (50 cents per pay period), we urge the Strategic-partners (franchisee owners) to match by giving $20.00 for that month….an easy way to show respect, concern and support for their own Team and all Massage Heights Team Members employed in the U.S. Retreats.  Matching funds doubles the gift!

Strategic-partners (franchisees) may also donate their time and energy and resources to The Family Fund by supporting fundraisers in their community, such as Chair Massage Days and other events. They might supply the tent and massage chairs and manpower and transportation to the event, or help with attracting participants and refreshments.  Every item donated helps!

The donors we most hope will participate in support of The Family Fund in the future are the vendors of products and services to Massage Heights businesses, and other community members who recognize the importance of the health-giving services, comfort, stress reduction and relaxation their Licensed Massage professionals and supporting teams provide.  We hope they all understand the importance of stress reduction and relaxation in today’s busy world and value these gifted individuals.  We welcome any interest they might have in assisting us build and maintain this important service to the Massage Heights communities across the nation.

Please click “Ways to Give – Community Donor” on this website.  Ways to Give 

Mrs. Zweig-Franson, the Board Chairman says, “It’s important to realize, the larger the Fund, the larger dollar amount can be granted, when necessary, in the future. The larger the Fund, the larger the number of grants that can be given to recipients in the future. More Team Members can benefit more often in a more meaningful financial way if everyone donates to the Fund. We never want to say “no” to a request for financial assistance when needed as a result of a qualifying event that a Massage Heights Team Member is experiencing. We want all applicants for a grant to feel a sense of community and belonging and that we will come through for them, at least financially, when needed."

Once again, then, exactly who may benefit from The Fund?

Strategic-partners (franchisees) do not and will not benefit from the Fund. Only the Massage Heights Team Members (employees) in the U.S. may benefit from The Family Fund, whether they have donated to The Fund or not.