Giving Team to Team

Our Emergency Assistance Fund is counting on being funded primarily by Team Members employed in Massage Heights Retreats in the USA, giving as little as $1.00 per pay period for the benefit of other Massage Heights Retreat employees who qualify for assistance in their time of need. These donors know they may benefit someday from the Massage Heights Family Fund if they themselves need assistance as the result of a qualifying event. 

Your Massage Heights family wants you, a Team Member employed by a U.S. Retreat, to know you matter and hope you will care about your co-workers at your Retreat and all others Retreats also.  As a Massage Heights Team Member and a contributor to the Massage Heights Family Fund of donors, we hope you feel your contribution and you are both valued from the first day you are employed by Massage Heights. We hope you will join your co-workers to look out for each other. Our strong core values are important to all of us and define where we work and who we are. And those values, including being authentic, passionate, loyal and diligent, continue to guide us and give us strength when any of us are faced with an unexpected, unplanned qualifying event. We all want to share with you and celebrate with you the happy events in your life, the good times, of course...... but we are here to quickly lend a hand when things do not go well for you. Please give to The Family Fund so the fund can help you and your co-workers, if ever needed.

This Family Fund gives us an extraordinary and amazing way to show who we are and what we do by demonstrating care for each other, whether we give our time, our money or we simply hear each other. Here is a safety net we hope you will never need, but it’s here for YOU.  

The Family Fund is a very simple plan: Each pay period plan to donate $1.00 or more, through convenient payroll deductions or other method set up by your Strategic-partner or Retreat Director. Your donation goes in to the Emergency Assistance Fund held by the Massage Heights Family Fund where it will be used for helping Massage Heights Retreat Team Members in need. You may think your donation is small, however, when it is added to the donations of the 3,000-4,500 other Massage Heights Team Members on a regular basis, these total donations make up the safety net you just might need some day as a result of a qualifying short-term emergency that threatens YOUR life, health, safety or welfare.