Fun Fund Facts

To Massage Heights Retreat Team Members:

The Massage Heights Family Fund plans to approve and issue thousands of dollars per month in grant assistance as the Family Fund grows. The amounts awarded to a recipient in response to a catastrophic event will increase or decrease with the number of Massage Heights Retreat Team Members and Strategic-partners and vendors who give to the Fund designed to benefit YOU, our Massage Heights Team Members ONLY!  We are confident that most of our Strategic-partners will “match” the donation your co-workers make.   The more you donate to the Family Fund, the more our Strategic-partners will donate in matching funds, which translates into more Retreat Team Members receiving financial assistance when needed. Grants can be awarded up to $1,000 with proper documentation when the Family Fund is fully funded. This grant limit is expected to increase in the future. The Massage Heights Family Fund expects and plans to issue funds approximately every other week of the year! This frequency depends on how often assistance is requested and approved and the dollar amounts requested, as well as how well funded we are in the future. 

We do expect YOU to contribute to The Fund; we do expect over 80% of your co-workers at the Retreat to contribute to The Fund; we do hope at least 66.6% of our Strategic-partners contribute to The Family Fund.

We have made it easy for anyone to contribute $1 or more per pay period by setting aside only 50 cents a week! Please help. Would you please take the time to help support The Family Fund that may benefit YOU in the future? For complete information about the Massage Heights Family Fund, explore this website which includes directions to forms needed to apply for financial assistance for yourself or a co-worker in need during a crisis and forms to submit to your Retreat Director for regular payroll deductions.  Join us today!